As a medically supervised Weight Loss Spa in Lake Mary,  Primera Slim Spa features a beautiful state-of-the-art Wellness Center. Beginning with a one on one consultation with a trained weight-loss professional, individualized counseling is provided to help you obtain both short and long term weight-loss goals.  Primera Slim Spa offers custom designed vitamins, supplements and fat burners that aid you in your journey to a healthy lifestyle.

Primera Slim Spa is committed to effectively assisting all patients with their weight loss goals while implementing a custom designed healthy lifestyle program. From body type to body chemistry, everyone is different. Primera Slim Spa supports an individualized path to healthy living based on your unique weight loss and health goals. The Primera Slim Spa program provides the staples for healthy living.

Each Primera Slim Spa patient receives a custom designed weight loss program including: Customized Nutritional Plan, Customized Exercise Regimen, Individualized Medications & Supplements, and Individualized Counseling & Support to help reach both short and long term goals. Each patient will receive a comprehensive blood panel, EKG and body composition analysis*.

Primera Slim Spa Power Injections benefit from a unique formula that consists of a combination of FDA approved natural ingredients. Our injections assist in the breakdown of fats in the body preventing fat buildup in the arteries and detoxifying the liver by extracting heavy metals as well as boosting your body’s natural metabolism.


The weight loss I experienced, 50 pounds in 4 months, has changed my life. I am now off my diabetes medications, cholesterol medications. reduced blood pressure medications and CPAC Machine. I now have tremendous energy and my new smaller clothes fit great!


Slim Spa has really transformed my body and mind. I feel fantastic!

Judy Johnson

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